PERSON IN AUDIENCE: What mantras... what mantras can you suggest for chanting on beads?

Mantras? You know, a really good foundational mantra to teach people is the Gauranga mantra, even to use on beads. Or Nitai-Gauranga, or Nitai-Gauranga Haribol, or Haribol Nitai-Gaur Nitai-Gaur Haribol. One of the reasons that this mantra is so powerful and wonderful is because you do not need any qualification to use it and to derive tremendous benefit from it. It becomes foundational for all spiritual practice.

Lord Chaitanya, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, when He descended to deliver the particular yoga process for this age, the Age of Kali, He was an incarnation who came to deliver this process and to Himself distribute, because of His great spiritual potency, to distribute mercy to anyone and everyone particularly those who are unworthy. And in other Vedic practices there are very rigid rules about when you can do things, how you can do things, etc. For instance, you know this use of harinama as a form of meditation, it is unlike conventional Vedic mantra. Vedic mantra required a huge amount of ritual purity. It should be practiced by a qualified person, in a qualified time. You had to learn correct intonation, you had to learn correct meter. All of these things were required; and if someone attempted to do this and were not qualified it could upset and disturb a person mentally. This harinama is the holy name, is Vedic mantra, but it is unique in that there is no such requirements for taking it. There is no such requirement, or qualification, or pre-qualification that is necessary; and it can be done in any circumstance, anywhere.

Amongst the different categories of the holy name or harinama, the name of Gauranga and Nityananda have a unique spiritual potency. Because of Their magnanimous natures, They were spiritual personalities that took no offence. They took no offence. They reached out to the most unqualified and fallen of people and offered them the opportunity to attain the highest spiritual experience and realization. And so when we take this sound vibration that is connected with Them it has that same effect. There is no qualification or pre-qualification. It makes it so a person is able to build a very wonderful spiritual foundation to progress upon. So it is like when you build a house you lay a foundation. You don’t have a foundation the house may tilt or fall over. This Nitai-Gauranga, Nityananda Chaitanya, any of the mantras related to the sound is the actual foundation for all spiritual practice for all spiritual enlightenment, for all spiritual experience in this age. And so it is a fantastic thing to pass on to people; and people experience the wonderful effect of using it. And then when a person is building a practice, a personal practice of this form of meditation you can help them build on it with other mantras like Gopala Govinda Rama Madana Mohana. Madana Mohana Murari.

These mantras, these are not just things that are plucked out of the air or invented. There is this whole thing that must be understood; that this spiritual sound actually descends from the spiritual world. It is not a material sound. We may appear to be saying it with our mouths and hearing it with our ear, but it is actually much more profound. It descends directly from the spiritual world, may enter through the ear, but it penetrates the deepest recesses of the heart and causes a form of purification and cleansing that is unparalleled. There is nothing that can compare with it, and brings forth a gradual experience of this awakening and spiritual realization, this development of a very profound spiritual love.

So the way in which this is received is through the system of what is called parampara. Parampara is this disciplic succession of perfect spiritual masters and disciples who have received from Bhagavan Himself this sound and they are able to transmit it because they are transparent via media, glasses, considered like a transparent via media. If there’s a piece of glass in front of it, it’s perfectly clear, you can’t tell that it is there. So in a similar manner this potency of this transcendental sound is delivered from the spiritual world via the spiritual masters in parampara, in disciplic succession. The example is given that for you to receive the actual transcendental sound, not just the appearance of it, but the actual transcendental sound that is filled with spiritual potency, it is absolutely essential that you receive it from a bona fide, or authorized, an empowered source.

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