Another characteristic of all living beings is the search for happiness; everybody wants to be happy. Do you know anybody that wants to be on a bummer? (Audience laughter) You know, everybody is doing everything that they can to avoid it and we have this really strange situation. Do you know anybody that's actually perfectly happy? Have you met anyone, do you know anyone… Look at your parents. Who are the people that you actually know… your parents, I mean, they are really perfectly happy, aren't they? Well, ummm, no. Your uncles and aunties, your friends, close friends, your boss at work, you just look at people; who do you actually know, personally yourself, that lives in a state of real happiness? You know if we're really thoughtful about it, I mean, we just like to fantasize and watch movie stars and rock stars and just, you know, the idea of a picture. I mean it's so ridiculous. The selfie now or whatever, you know. (Audience laughter) Okay, as soon as people see the camera it's all (makes face as if posing for camera shot, audience laughing) you know it's like, and they really want to make it… and of course for me, weddings are the most ridiculous. (Audience laughter) I'm sorry, I'm a bit of a downer guy. It's just like, everybody wants to pretend. You know the women are really going to work at getting super, super slim so they can fit into their sexy, gorgeous wedding dress and whip the guy into shape so he looks like Mr. Right, and he's going to be the perfect prop for the princess! (Audience laughter) And then they're going to practise and then they're going to have all the photographers there and they're going to try and get it right because they want to catch that one moment of, "Oh, we are sooo happy!” (laughing with audience) And it's just a complete fantasy; it's a complete fantasy.

There is this drive for happiness, the search for happiness and yet we are constantly faced with the reality that our life is actually quite boring and lonely and sad. If we really want to be honest with ourself, how are we doing when we turn out the light? When it's just me? I mean people come home from work, what they call their home, and they come in the door and if there's no one there, what do they do? Does anybody just sit down and relax and do nothing? I mean, the idea of being alone is kind of almost frightening, which is a whole other subject, but everybody is constantly looking to occupy their headspace, whip the phone out, play a game, text someone, instagram, try some, just anything, anything to fill up the space and not recognise this reality that we are really not very happy.

In one day how much happiness, I mean real, intense happiness does a person experience? I'm going to go out on a limb and say, maybe five minutes if you’re lucky. A person asks and says, “When is the last time I just, in my daily life, when was… today, when was the last time I was just like overwhelmed with happiness?” And most people have to think about it. They can't really come up with anything. But if we put it down to five minutes which is kind of, well let's say fifteen minutes, in a day. You know you've got a few, five, three minute spurts of happiness somewhere. How many minutes are there in a day? One thousand four hundred forty, something like that, probably got the math right, I don't know. About one thousand four hundred forty minutes in a day and if you are happy for fifteen of those you’re considered fortunate? (audience laughter) What the hell is that? (laughs)

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