There is another thing that really drives all living beings. This is the desire for love, the desire to love someone, something, and to be loved. Again, everybody is on the love quest. The guys don't like to admit it... the girls are all gushy about it and everything, although the guys are getting all metrosexual and strange (audience laughter) and letting the feminine side come out or whatever, I don't know. But, fact is, everybody feels, I mean you see it even in small children. It's kind of like really fun, amazing. You watch little kids, little boys and girls start playing with each other and they sort of like, (clicks fingers) you know something going on there (laughs) and it’s actually a throwback to a previous experience that they bring into this particular life but it doesn't take very long for people to start developing these desires to love and it comes in a myriad of ways.

You know a parent loves the idea of a child, especially a little baby. This perfect idea of this unconditional love. You see it with brothers and sisters, you see it with friends and it becomes very pronounced when a person is looking for some partner in life, where they have this very strong desire to find this partner that I can share my life with, that I can actually completely love. Reality again, sorry, reality check time. Do you know anybody that's found that perfection?

The first six months of a relationship are just like skyrockets going off! Ppffff! Fireworks and tiptoeing through the tulips (Audience laughter) and if you get six months, sometimes it’s way less, it's not very long before, you know, the realities, you get the matches and the kerosene, and buggtch and the sparks begin flying and people begin learning to negotiate some affection which usually boils down to some sexual intimacy. And then it’s just a whole bunch of other, sort of like getting by and a bunch of trying to tolerate and a whole bunch of not being able to tolerate and let the other person know about what’s going on. It never is the ideal. And yet people seek the ideal even though, I mean, look at the state of things now. It’s become like, my guns, you know when like sixty percent of marriages end in divorce? Does anybody get married with the intent to divorce? Is anybody standing there at the aisle, you know, taking the vows or whatever with the idea that this is going to end? “Uh, this is gonna turn into something so horrific. It’s gonna be such a crap out. It’s gonna go down in flames. We’re gonna be hating each other.” Nobody thinks that. Everybody goes there with the expectation of something that is actually very unrealistic.

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