The Supreme Personality of Godhead Who is greater than all, is attainable by unalloyed devotion. Although He is present in His abode, He is all-pervading, and everything is situated within Him.
-Bhagavad-Gita Ch. 8.22

Some people say that God is not attainable and that we can never see God. Many people are taught that God must always remain a mystery to us and that we cannot actually attain God.

But here it is stated in scripture by God Himself that He is attainable. We can actually achieve perfect God-realization. We can have a perfect relationship with God and see Him face to face. We can have God as our Master, as our Friend, as our Beloved.

In the New Testament, Lord Jesus Christ makes the very same point. Jesus came to proclaim the good news. But what is that good news? The good news is that the Supreme Person is attainable. You can achieve a relationship with God; you can link up with God. This is the good news.

You need a perfect master, a perfect protector, a perfect friend, a perfect companion. You need perfect shelter. You need a person who is eternal to have a relationship with. You are looking for the greatest and God is the greatest.

The verse from Bhagavad-gita states that God is the greatest of all. The Supreme Lord is the greatest of all, yet He is attainable. How is He achieved? How is God achieved? How is God seen? How do we get to see God? How do we get to actually be with God in the truest sense of the word? How do we get to be linked with God? How is God attainable?

It is stated that He is attainable by unalloyed devotion—undisturbed or undeviating devotion. Devotion here does not just refer to the feeling of love or sentiment but it refers to something more. It means that I devote my mind, my body, my will, my very life in God's service for His pleasure.

Jesus Christ is also saying the same thing. "My first and foremost commandment is that you love the Supreme Father with all your heart, all your mind, your body, your entire being." Jesus' commandment is love the Supreme Lord. Why? Because if you love Him, you have Him.

The Supreme Lord is the greatest of all. Nobody can conquer Him. Nobody can catch Him. If someone tried to chase Him, they wouldn't be able to catch Him. He's too fast. The Sri Ishopanishad describes Him as faster than all others running. He's also the most clever. You cannot be more clever than Him. You cannot trick Him and catch him. He is the most cunning, the wisest, the most powerful and nobody can defeat or conquer Him in any way except by love—unconditional, undeviating devotion. Only this and nothing else makes it possible for a person to capture God. A person cannot attain God by any other method.

For example, some people try to know God by their mental speculation. They try to stretch the rope of their mind to the outer limits of the universe. And still they cannot capture the Supreme Person.

Neither can they capture God by mystic yoga. Siddhis or mystic yoga powers cannot bind the Supreme Person. Those who cultivate mystic yoga powers simply end up developing arrogance. Becoming more hard-hearted, they end up going further away from God than they were in the beginning.

And of course, they cannot capture God by sense perception. All the telescopes and all the microscopes will not help the scientists capture the Absolute Truth.

The Supreme Person is achievable. The Absolute Truth is attainable. And in the Bhagavad-Gita, the means is described to be unalloyed devotion. And in the New Testament, Jesus Christ states the same thing—be immersed in love for the Supreme Lord. Love the Supreme Father with your entire being, your entire heart, your mind, your body. And if you love the Supreme Person in this way, then you automatically want to please Him. This is spiritual life and this means your whole life is simply thinking of how to please God. This is the only way to achieve the Supreme Person. There is no other method.

Achieving God is not possible by physical exercises; not by silent meditation and trying to merge into the impersonal effulgence of God; not by worshipping the demigods; not by good works; not by charity to the poor; not by building hospitals; not by bodily destructive methods; not by austerities. Nothing will make it possible for you to have God other than by your love for Him. No other way is God attainable other than by unalloyed devotion to Him. If you don't love Him, you don't see Him.

If you love God, then you have Him. If you don't love Him, you don't have Him. If you don't love Him, you don't see Him.