Happiness is experienced when we help others or are kind to others. We're not only related to God, but we're related to everybody else as our relatives. Just like you have your father, your mother, your brothers and sisters. When you're nice to your brothers and sisters, your parents are happy and it makes you feel good.


It's natural to be nice. We experience feeling good when we're kind, we experience happiness or some inner pleasure by being of service to a cause bigger than our self. And if we come to appreciate that this is my service to God, that, “I am engaging in this activity as my service to God,” this is called karma yoga.  And the more I cultivate my love for the Supreme Being that is called Bhakti yoga. And the hearing and chanting of God's names is the central feature of Bhakti yoga. Yoga means union with God.  So the processes of yoga are all meant to bring you closer and closer and closer to this self-discovery, to your experience of being united with God.